The Pitch

***Beta Version Coming Soon

You’re a writer who is plotting out the next hopeful Hollywood blockbuster. A producer you’ve been working with has ideas of his own. He wants a story with a specific name and theme. Will you give the best pitch and get your movie produced, or will another writer come up with a more intriguing plot?

The Pitch is a party game where one player is designated the “Producer” each round and chooses a winner. Title and genre cards are chosen randomly. Writers are given two minutes to come up with their pitch to cleverly link concepts that may seem unrelated (Genre: Action; Title: My Girl?) and pitch to the producer. The winner each round becomes the next round’s producer.

Are you more of a “sitting in the dark corner of a coffee shop with a mac book” type? The Pitch is still for you! Writers can use The Pitch as a creativity tool to practice brainstorming plots for novels, film, theater, or other media. Have you published a story using The Pitch? Let us know!