Under Construction

Here We Are!

My goal for 2018 is to make the three light party games games I have under development available as print-and-play on a website. Step one *check* the website exists!

But, what are the games?

One More

Compete with your friends to see who list more items from a category in one minute. Did you know Steve knows every Vice President in US history? I’ve got, like, five.

The Pitch

Given a genre and a title, come up with a movie pitch that wins the heart (and money*) of the designated producer.

*Money not included. Please note- printing money is illegal


Twinsies! Jinx! You and your partner are given a category. Can you both come up with the same answer to say it at the same time? Think Match Game, but without celebrities (unless you’re famous, and if so, would you mind posting a picture of you playing on Insta? Thanks).

See You Soon!

I’ll be back with the actual games once I know how to make PDF of these games that is printer-friendly. Until then, connect on Facebook or Twitter for game prompts.